Dear Stranger

an extension of the short film "Dear Stranger" and its major thematic element: Fantasy


Screening Of Once Upon 13

So Once Upon 13 screened at Flicker Festival. Nothing really happened, people watched, they giggled, the next movie came on. Not even a Hurrah! I expected that. But the moderator/ MC asked if I wanted to say anything before the film was screened and I said "no, but could you say it's a college film" like that would lessen the embarrassment. The film itself does not embarrass me but certain scenes which I would not change are too, shall we say, serious for a comedy.

Anyways, hoping I will have some video up of Dear Stranger very soon. Little glimpses. Just enough to tickle someone's curiousity.



Fantasy submitted by Anonymous #2

My fantasy is mixed with regret. A few years ago there was a guy who I knew through work. We were friends first for over a year. When it began to turn romantic, I felt kind of surprised and touched because I did feel real affection for him. One night we got together very late. He seemed kind of impatient and annoyed, maybe due to the late hour. Anyway, when a guy comes at me like that, I have a tendency to just freeze. I keep my feelings inside too much. So, right after that, we didn't really speak again. I never had a chance to explain myself or find out what happened. Yeah, he was kind of a jerk at the end, but I think of it sometimes. I really wish I could have had him, just once even. I guess he's lost to me now. Love really is all about timing as they say.

- Submitted by Anonymous #2


Once Upon 13

A college film that I completed years after college has been accepted into the Flicker Festival. This the first time the film will be shown to an audience, it is a weird film, good but embarrassing so I am teenie bit nervous. If they laugh early, all is good.

So if you in Carolina (the Chapel Hill area), please come.



"I was just playing"


Gasset's Meditations on Quixote

Don Quixote besides being one of the classic books is also one of my favorites, one of its major themes is fantasy which you all know by now I am fascinated with. Jose Ortega Y Gasset, a Spaniard like Cervantes, wrote what is considered the greatest study on Don Quixote in his book Meditations on Quixote. A book that I am currently reading and I would like to share with you. Here are some quotes from the chapter "to the reader" that seem to me relevant to Dear Stranger:

Things do not interest us because they do not find in us favorable surfaces on which to be reflected, and it is necessary for us to multiply the facets of our mind so that an infinte number of themes may penetrate it.

In a Platonic dialogue this urge to understand is called "the madness of love."

Culture presents us with objects already purified which once possessed a spontaneous and immediate life, and which now, thanks to our reflective process, seem free from space and time, from corruption and caprice. They form, a zone of ideal and abstract life, floating above this personal existence of ours...

Since spirit and logos are nothing but "meaning," connectedness, and unity, all that is individual, immediate, and circumstantial appears to be accidental and meaningless.

All that is recognized today as truth, as perfect beauty, as highly valuable, was once born in the inner spirit of an individual, mixed with his whims and humors.

When shall we open our minds to the conviction that the ultimate reality of the world is neither matter nor spirit, is no definite thing, but a perspective.
I realize it does not have the same potency outside of the context but maybe these snippets will encourage you to read the book.



Fantasy submitted by Trev

I want to meet the perfect girl. She will be sexy, slutty, love me, I will love her, we will be open to experimenting with others, yet love each other to the end. It is the fantasy that I hope will become my reality. Until then, lot’s of porn, and ignoring the girls who are good for me in that old fashioned way.

- Submitted by Trev


News & Updates

Still trying to catch up with a lot of stuff with the film and the website. So to those who have submitted a fantasy -- it will be published in the next couple of days.

I finally got around to adding a "Cast & Crew" link to the sidebar links to the left, check them out. Of some relevance, atleast to me, is that Steven's headshot picture with the recent change to the color of his hair which is darker would have actually worked better for the film. Too late now.