Dear Stranger

an extension of the short film "Dear Stranger" and its major thematic element: Fantasy


I love you Annapolis!!

Dear Stranger has made the Annapolis Film Festival in the non-competitive section. This festival is one of the major American film festival held in Maryland. I was waiting for a major FF to accept the film before I started submitting it willy nilly.

This is very exciting news! And the fact that it is in Maryland makes it even better because I can just drive up there. So if any of you or anyone you know lives in Maryland, I'd highly suggest you come and see the film. The festival is from Nov 10 to 13th.

Will give you more info as it comes.

Update: Got another email, we are in the competitve section!!! Woohoooo!


Anonymous kelly said...

I love you and this movie

10:37 PM  

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