Dear Stranger

an extension of the short film "Dear Stranger" and its major thematic element: Fantasy


Submit your fantasies

I am receiving a lot of interesting feedback in regards to the discussion of fantasies. Many people have had similar experiences with fantasies and are excited to share them. So I am going to start post these submissions on this blog. Also, I thought it would be cool if some of these could be printed and included as part of the DVD material for Dear Stranger. So here goes another social experiment.

If you would like to submit a fantasy:
  1. Click the "contact" link on the left sidebar to email me your fantasy. You could also use the comment section by clicking on the comment link at the end of every post.
  2. State if you would like it to be "submitted by anonymous" or not. If you would like to use your name, then please state the exact way you would like it to appear.
  3. State if you would be cool with potentially being included in the DVD material for Dear Stranger. If there is no mention in your post in regards to this -- by default, I will assume that I can include it, especially if the post was made in the comment section and there is no way to contact you.
  4. Including other info including links to your blog is cool but let us try to keep it neat.
  5. Content wise -- I am pretty open. Try me.
Pretty simple. So get those fantasies on paper (or screen) so the world could be join you in some of the fun (or pain).



Anonymous Anonymous said...

i have kind of a cliche's not altogether exciting. but it's very real for me. it's simple.
i want it all.
i want a husband, a child or two, a house, and a career. but i've chosen a profession that's not easy. i can't just go anywhere to pursue it unless i'm the luckiest person ever...and that's unlikely. i want to be able to have a stable relationship built on love and trust and true compatability and still be able to work.
i'm an actor...none of this will be easy...but i don't care...
i want it all!

10:37 PM  

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