Dear Stranger

an extension of the short film "Dear Stranger" and its major thematic element: Fantasy


Fantasy submitted by "Lucky Seven"

Hello. This is Lucky Seven. I have several fantasies that I could have submitted, some in the same line as those already on the list, but I have decided to write about this one instead. My fantasy is simple -- my father is alive. He is here, in our physical world, someone with whom I can speak whenever I want, about whatever I want. My father died twice, both times when I was a teen. The first one was metaphoric, of course, whereas the second time was the final, physical death. In my fantasy, neither of these would have happened. I don't necessarily want other details in our lives to change, only that he would be alive, and, importantly, involved. As a teenager, he is there to see me off on prom night and at graduation, and later to visit when I'm off at university. He is there later on through all the ups and downs of the years of trials, victories, love and frustration. He is there to protect me. To love me without reason and question. He is there to understand, as I fantasize that he would, if he were alive, be the person who would understand my many thoughts and emotions. My fantasy is simple. My father is alive.

- Lucky Seven


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