Dear Stranger

an extension of the short film "Dear Stranger" and its major thematic element: Fantasy


Ryan McGinley Photos

Found an interview with Ryan McGinley where he says something on fantasy that made me think of Dear Stranger:
A lot of people look at my work and assume it is all just an autobiography and that my life is as wild and fun as the images I take. I like that assumption but it's not true. My photographs are really closer to a documentation of my fantasy life. People still take photographs as truth. They look at them and think what they see really happened and while it did really happen, it didn't really happen like that. It is more like pseudo-fiction because it did happen but it might not have happened if it weren't going to become a photograph.



It has been a while since I have posted. For those who have followed the blog, I apologize. No excuses but I have been working on several things. One of the more exciting things I am working on is a site called Ticklebooth. Here is what it is about:

It has become quite overwhelming with all the things to watch and listen online. Choices range anywhere from podcasts, vodcasts, vlogging, music, music videos, trailers, films, shorts, slideshows, games, etc. Here at TickleBooth, our community of bloggers have assigned ourselves with the task of finding the best and maybe even the worst (when it cannot be helped) of all that can be played online.

Online is quite a big place! Our eyes cannot be everywhere, so feel free to submit links and movies for us to check out. We cannot promise to use it but we will certainly have a look.

The first post was, of course, about Dear Stranger [I love that name]:

Woohoo! The first actual post on Ticklebooth. There is no better place to start it all off with some link love to my own short film Dear Stranger. A short film that I started to work on eons ago when I decided to start casting without an actual script. The pre-production and scriptwriting happened simultaneously. I ended up being a one man crew as all my support staff fell out for various reasons. Though we did shot most scenes they were not really covered enough to my liking. I couldn’t just continue to shoot, like most productions, because I was moving out of town at the end of the month for a job in NC.

Nine months pass before I start to edit. Then life and work interrupt again. Three months pass before I get to finish it (well it is being finished as we speak). My life is polar opposite of what it was when I first started the project. Money seems to slip through my fingers every time I actually worked on the film. The graphic sex scene which can partially be seen in the trailer took about three weeks to complete. A scene that was all of thirty seconds.

I mention all this not for your sympathy or the likes but rather to state that Ticklebooth is compromised of Filmmakers who understand how difficult it is to get those dreams made. So everytime we recommend a podcast or review a film online, we take into account all these difficulties. Simply put: we understand.

I am quite excited about TickleBooth. I am also looking for more writers right now, if you are interested, contact me.